Jenny By Mewa-Chu

Arfan By Chocolate Revel

Arfan By Spring Growth

Crooked Man by Holly Caddick

Crooked Man by Gaboob

Peter by Rainbow-Tashi

Arfan By Pudding Valkyrie

Crooked Man by Naniiebim

Crooked Man by RoseMask22 

Peter and Arfan by Moongarage

Robert by Ferocious

Peter and Banshee by Mucki

Peter and Arfan by Inko

Robert by NeonLanterns

Fem!Cru by Gaboob

Oculus Sinister and Dexter by Moongarage

Pony!Arfan by Starwind Images

Arfan by Kidura

Banshee by Moongarage

Robert by Mucki

WASP Trade art by Reed Hawker

WASP Trade art by Inko and Chie

Arfan by Iglybo

Oculus Sinister by Kaerru

Pony!Arfan by Skies Aloft

Want to send some art to me? I’d love to receive some! Feel free to send to turner.sarah04(at)

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