What’s the story so far?

Mythics are legendary mythical creatures who can take the form of humans. There are few of them left in the world and either remain in their human form in order to remain undetected by humans or have hidden away in magical places where humans are unable to go.

Sean, a sea serpent and the King of the Mythics has been warned that the Crooked Man (an evil magician who wants the world to become enveloped in Chaos) and the Nidhogg (a Dragon who wants to eat the world) returning to destroy mankind. He tells his two guards Robert, the Kelpie, and Drake, the Silver Dragon, to protect the humans until the Phoenix arrives… little is known about when the Phoenix will arrive, but Sean is convinced he will be able to stop Crooked and the Nidhogg.

Moving on to 2012, we’re been introduced to our hero, The one and only Phoenix, Arfan Jones, who is being chased by the Crooked Man and his Dragon the Nidhogg in the mysterious ‘Crooked Realm’.

Arfan escapes, but unfortunately drags the Crooked Man and the Nidhogg (albeit a mini-version of her) into the human world with him! Specifically to a tiny town in Wales called Llangollen.

He’s been rescued by a certain Parson Andrews and has found a place where the Crooked Man cannot capture him, but is severely weakened by his ordeal. The Crooked Man has threatened to return and eventually acquire him…

After years of waiting, Robert has seen a vision of Arfan returning to the human world and has gone to see the King to report the news. Sean insists that the Phoenix must be found and has encouraged Drake to also become part of the search… All the while, The Banshee and Valravn have listened to their plan and conspire to attack the Kind whilst Robert is away.

Arfan is now safe on Holy Ground, Parson Andrews and Jenny (his niece) insist that he stays with them until Crooked leaves him alone… Arfan decides to follow this advice and feels that he may be able to cope in the human world if they help him. Robert departs and the Valravn sees his opening to enter the palace and attack the king.

Peter is troubled by a strange darkness in his mind and seeks out Adhip, the wise and mighty Garuda.

How often do you update?

I try to update every week on a Thursday, but this often depends on my schedule as I have a full time job (please be patient with me >.<)

Are these places real?

Yes they certainly are! You can visit all of the places in Folklore (aside from the Crooked Realm and the magic castle… boo!). If you’d like to learn more please take a look at the following links:
and more well known: York (will feature soon)
Edinburgh (will feature soon)
If you’d like to know more about the legends surrounding any of these characters, let me know… I love talking about them :D

Are the characters based on real characters?

Well, all the types of being and creatures in the story are real and they are historically and folkloristically speaking, but for the most part, they do not represent one character in particular. Even a character such as the Crooked Man, or Jack and Jill, should not be taken to be the original characters…

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