Character's of Folklore

Arfan Jones -The Phoenix

He's cheerful, bright and upbeat. Arfan is a constant live wire and something of a free spirit. Despite being well known and adored by other mythics, he likes to avoid attention and runs away from responsibility when he can. He does not like fighting and will avoid it where possible.

He's a very powerful mythic as he is 'the Phoenix', a one of a kind creature that can never die. He can travel into different dimensions and can (very very briefly) travel through time.

Fun fact: Arfan enjoys reading webcomics and watching videos of cats at Jenny's house (even though it's a new hobby for him).


An evil and manipulative creature, Banshee is as alluring as she is deadly. Whilst often embarrassed by Crooked's antics, she's eager to help him with his goals, so long as he doesn't go beyond his depth to achieve them. She's a trickster at heart and thinks nothing of destroying humans lives. She has an odd interested in Jenny Greenteeth and Robert and feels that he would make a good husband for her... he (of course) doesn't agree.

The Crooked Man - Magician

His behaviour is contrary, maniacal and off-the-wall, but at times can be a little dark. His default setting is that he wears a crooked grin or is nervously excited about something or other. He's very childish (in that he has interests in a lot of childlike endeavours e.g. he likes sweets and cakes, toy-making, puppets, performing magic tricks).

He's a magician and can use a variety of different magics.

He is talented, but has unfortunately become warped and unstable due to his immense power. He likes to think of himself as a toy-maker/ puppet master. He wants Mythics to rise again and be feared by humans, but he is reluctant to kill or physically harm anyone in order to achieve his goal.

Fun fact: He likes games such as chess, solitaire and backgammon, pursuits such as drinking afternoon tea (in gothic type locales) and eating cake and finally visiting candy shops (when he's not being a faux evil genius). He adopted Jack and Jill and is like a big brother to them.

Peter 'Drake' Smith -The Silver Dragon

Peter is serious, stiff upper-lipped and has a somewhat icy personality. He finds it difficult to befriend people and is easily irritated, deep down he is a good person and does want to make friends with other mythics (and also humans). He was known as The Silver Reaper at one time and can literally scare people to death. He is one of the strongest mythics physically, he's fast, has superior senses and cannot be matched in combat. Strangely, he can talk to animals.

His other magical powers link to the ice and water. He can also fly. His Mythic form is a silver dragon and he has the ability to speak to dragons in a language that only they can understand. He was separated from his family as a child and is still waiting for them to come and find's been 100's of years since any other dragons have been spotted and some people fear that his family have abandoned him

Fun fact: Peter actually wants to own a pet to spoil and lavish large amounts of money on, but he can never get one that won't run away from his house.

Jack -Redcap

Jack is a slow-minded and typically 'Northern' boy. He's one of Crooked's henchmen and unlike his sister Jill, doesn't like to take risks. He's methodical with things he is good at, but lacks brain power. Unlike his sister, he at least knows his limits, he often gets dragged into his sister's plans (unwillingly).

Jenny Pemberton -Human

Jenny is just about to leave Secondary School and enter Sixth Form College. She meets Arfan at her Uncle�s house and is compelled to help him. She is a good match for Arfan, she is bright, practical and level headed, she is often able to think rationally when he can�t.

She tries to take the mythic world in her stride and finds it easier to deal with than her options for college and going to University. She also has a part-time job at the 'Courtyard Cafe'.

Fun fact: Jenny loves Welsh culture and is very proud to be from Wales...she even has traditional Welsh clothes and takes part in village festivals

Jill -Redcap

Jill is something of an enigma, she is obsessed with looking fashionable, but delights in dying her hat red with human blood (eek!)She's the marginally more intelligent one between her and her brother. She is also one of Crooked's henchmen (sorry...henchlady!). She likes to think she is a genius and often comes up with mad-cap ideas, which get herself and Jack into trouble... she's always ready to give things a try, but lacks foresight.

Parson Andrews -Human

Parson Andrews is a caring and rather forward thinking human who is willing to accept that mythics exist and even welcomes Arfan into his home. He's level-headed, sometimes braver than he ought to be... and a fan of picau ar y maen (Welsh cakes)

Robert Waterman -The Kelpie River Prince

Robert is known for his wisdom, kindness and magical power. He is the King's advisor and the only Mythic record keeper. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he doesn't tease/ drown humans and dislikes warmongering (he even says he's a vegetarian)... He was left (abandoned) at the Mythic Castle as a small child and now feels that Sean is like a saviour... and obeys him...even if he questions his wisdom. He is very strong and has a vice-like grip. He's a little rough around the edges and his powers as a medium can often cause him to have disturbing visions, but make no mistake, Robert is as gentle a Kelpie as you'll ever have the pleasure to meet.

Robert can control water and has many powers that centre around empathy, he is telepathic, can enter dreams and is capable of sensing unrest in another person.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Robert loves singing and has a lovely singing voice, which he uses to warn humans of stormy weather when he's visiting the lochs around Scotland, he rarely goes to the human world and is scared of anchors...

Sean Macnamara -The Sea Serpent and King of the Mythics

Sean is an arrogant but ultimately good creature. He is quite cowardly and has driven a lot of mythics into hiding from the human world. He doesn�t really like humans because they don't appreciate his 'stunning' looks... he can be serious when needed, but usually doesn't bother.

Whilst Sean isn't particularly strong when on land, he is a force to be reckoned with when near any body of water. He can harness the power of the sea to maximum effect and can create illusions. He also has the power to turn people into stone and statues into living creatures.

Fun fact: Sean really enjoys drinking Guinness and whenever he 'visits the human realm' he comes back ridiculously drunk and sings 'fairytale of new york' (badly). For this reason, Robert has banned the drink from the Castle.

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